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Setting Up Practice Data

Topics for this course

367 Lessons

Chapter 1: Setting Up Practice Data

Accessing Your Practice Data (Requirements)
Accessing Your Practice Data (Practice Data ZIP File)
Accessing Your Practice Data (Instructions)

Chapter 2: Basic Concepts

Chapter 3: Accessing Your Data

Chapter 4: Creating SAS Data Sets

Chapter 5: Identifying and Correcting SAS Language Errors

Chapter 6: Creating Reports

Chapter 7: Understanding DATA Step Processing

Chapter 8: BY-Group Processing

Chapter 9: Creating and Managing Variables

Chapter 10: Combining SAS Data Sets

Chapter 11: Processing Data with DO Loops

Chapter 12 : SAS Formats and Informats

Chapter 13: SAS Date, Time, and Datetime Values

Chapter 14: Using Functions to Manipulate Data

Chapter 15: Producing Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 16: Creating Output

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